Busting crystal and vibrational healing myths, and empowering the healer within.

I’ve been teaching vibrational healing and spiritual growth practices for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I’ve always believed in learning from your own work and questioning everything. I believe that you should never take yourself too seriously, but you should always take your healing work seriously; because every client and every student is a teacher. Some of the things I’ve learned flew directly in the face of what I was taught, and I’m grateful for that. I want to continually learn, grow and improve; and I want to help others do so too. In the development of my own vibrational healing modalities, based on what I’ve learned through my own healing journey and the journey of healing I’ve facilitated others upon, I’ve come to recognize the importance of learning about energy from multiple perspectives; science, spirit, and experience.

I can’t teach everyone what I’ve learned. I have limited spaces in my classes, and not everyone is ready to commit to my admittedly rigorous and intensive courses. Even if they were, I don’t have enough time in the day. So, I’ve decided to start this website as a place where I can share at least a little of the paradigm shifting information I’ve picked up over the years, with the hope that it will help other healers and seekers to be more effective in their own journey. I’ll also be offering some small online classes and other opportunities to dip your toes into my work or dive in altogether if you choose. I look forward to connecting with you through this site, and I hope that what I have to share helps in some small way.

4 thoughts on “Busting crystal and vibrational healing myths, and empowering the healer within.”

  1. I would like to carry your books at Stewart Mineral Springs gift shop. The Gem Guides Book Company, our book publisher is unable to provide them. They sell very well at our store. Can we purchase the Cyrstal Ally Book and the Book of Stones from you directly? Thanks, R. Duncan


    1. Hi Duncan;
      You can purchase them through New Leaf, Ingram, North Atlantic or other large distributors. The Crystal Ally Cards are currently out of print, but a new printing will be out early next year. The Book of Stones is widely available. I’m not the publisher, so I’m not able to wholesale the books.

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